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If You’re Reading This, You’re Early.

Crypto has gone through waves and right now with the software you have, you’re positioned at the BEST time in the history of crypto.

To help you get started even faster go ahead and click the download link button above (it will open in a new window) so you can keep watching this page and video.

With that download you can get your crypto site set up even faster, using the done for you logo designs and colour layouts – combined with the software you have just bought.

You now have everything you need to start seeing the results you’ve been looking for.

However, if you’re willing to give me a few minutes, I would love to show you how to make this even easier, faster and even more profitable for you.


10 Added Features To Massively
Increase Your Crypto Kit Website’s Growth!

Though… before we continue I have to give you fair warning…

To keep this as effective an upgrade as possible for you… This will only ever be made available to existing Crypto Kit members – and only on this page, right here, today!

That means that you will never see this offer again,
so please read this entire page carefully and choose wisely before you leave.

So Without Further Ado…

Here’s Exactly What You Get
With Your Crypto Kit Unleashed Upgrade…


Triple Your Crypto Kit Results With THREE Crypto Kits, Not Just One!

With multiple Crypto Kits you can target different communities, for example having one website giving away Satoshi as we mentioned earlier, gives you a chance to make your giveaways sound very impressive while costing very little.

BUT, if you want to reach NFT communities for example, offering incentives in Etherium or Solana gets much better results. Or if you want to cut your outgoing profit share with your member to practically zero, you could use a token you’ve created yourself, or use any token you’ve already collected.

By having 3 Crypto Kits you can run them all at once, brand each one as their own standalone app, cross promote them and more – whatever you choose, you’ll see results at least three times as fast.


Use Your Own Domain Name

With this upgrade your Crypto Kits won’t just have the look and feel you want, but instead of using our hosted subdomain of lift tokens, your visitor will see your website URL


Push Notifications

Perfect for spiking activity on a slower day than normal, you can use the push notification feature to remind your members to come back and earn more rewards.

You’ll be able to use this feature on all three of your websites as often as you’d like (unlimited push notification notifications), or use the notification system for other announcements – cross promote your three sites, promote affiliate products, grow your social media audience or even sell traffic and do promotional swaps, all available at a click of a button.


Viral Program Control

Currently, your site will offer 10% earned rewards for anyone your members invite to your website – but you could run a weekend special offering to share 50% of what their invited friends earn as a bonus.

Just send a push notification, get them excited and once the weekend is over you’ve not just pocketed a ton of advertising profits from the boost of activity, but you can return it to 10% or whatever you choose and start the week off with a bang!


RSS Auto Blog Upgrade

Boost the amount of content pulled in to your blog from articles curated from one website (like regular Crypto Kit websites have access to), to pulling from FIVE different blogs, giving you more content more often and a larger range of articles your readers can view to engage and earn regularly.


Lucky Draw, Lotto & Coin Flip Customisations

Customise the variation of lucky rewards, so you will have a base amount set (so you’ll always end up positively earning), but you can adjust whether they can be SUPER lucky and get a high amount or pay out on the lower side pocketing more profits for the admin.

With this upgrade too, you’ll be able to adjust the amounts you’re giving away for Lotto and Coin Flip games, how many tickets you’ll sell, the admin fee percentage and a whole lot more.


Instant Upgrades For Any/All New Games & Features!

You’ll be grandfathered in at the price you see on the page. Any upgrades to the Unleashed membership will be added to your Crypto Kit apps automatically, including any future games we might create, new crypto earning modules and more.

Already, since release we’ve added a function that can reward people for watching videos/ads and clicking on banners to visit pages. Of course, you’re rewarded for all of the ad views as normal – the more ads they’re viewing the better! So every engagement strategy we think of or implement from community instruction, will be added and enabled on your crypto kit website as soon as it’s live.


Editing Abilities For Your 10 Logo Templates

As one final upgrade we’ll also give you the templates for the logo bundle you downloaded below this video. I’m sure you’ll love these logos and find it really handy to have them ready to upload, but if you want to change the words on the logo, or the colours or mix it up entirely, you can.

PLUS you’ll get access to the editing software too, so you can customise your way to a sharp looking completely unique design in no time.

You’ll Still Follow The 3 Simple Steps I Outlined On The Previous Page

The Pro System Will Simply
Take It To The Next Level

The Pro System Will Simply
Take It To The Next Level

And Allow You To…

This Is Crypto Tools On Steroids And Then Some!

In Fact...

You Won’t Find A More Legal Way To
Stuff Your Wallet With Crypto

You Won’t Find A More Legal Way To
Stuff Your Wallet With Crypto

Of course, the success of your Crypto Kit will vary from one person to the next, but with this software you have everything you need to run a profitable Crypto software website.

And with this upgrade you can get more out of every page load, have more people sharing and more people engaging with faster results than ever.

In fact, if there is a lazy man’s way to crypto payments, then the Crypto Kit Unleashed Upgrade is your first class ticket!

Becoming a successful software owner, with cutting edge technology used to take a heck of a lot work, and it can take an eternity to really get it off the ground. Are you really interested in spending your life on a wild goose chase?

Why put yourself through all the blood, sweat and tears?

Ask yourself this: Doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of this great offer right now? Once you lay your hands on this system, your financial situation could take a radical turn for the better in no time!

Imagine Yourself Checking Your Wallet, And Seeing Fresh Transactions Hitting It,
Again And Again After You’ve Had A Nice Time At The Beach.

With this first-to-market advantage it is hands down, the most foolproof way to make your splash in the crypto currency marketplace and profit fast, without having to invest anything in crypto out of your own pocket! We want to make this even easier for you though…

You Can Try It Out
Completely Risk Free!

You Can Try It Out
Completely Risk Free!

I don’t want your money unless you are completely blown away.

So… if for any reason at all, you don’t achieve the results I’ve promised you today, you’re protected by my 30-day money back guarantee. Yup. I’m taking on the risk so you don’t have to. That’s how confident I am you’re going to love this.

And if you secure your membership today, you’ll lock in your special VIP member’s discountyou see below.  That said, you’re also free to cancel your membership at any time and you’ll never be billed again…

And you still get to keep everything, your Crypto Kit regular account and all the crypto currencies you’ve accumulated with the upgraded versions during that entire month.

The Decision Is Yours


…As I’ve Said, This VIP Member’s Special Is Very Time Limited

You will never see this offer again.

And you will certainly not see everything included here at such a low a price, ever again!

If you want to fast track your way to affiliate stardom, there’s only one thing left to do…

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Thank You Again
Putting Your Trust In Crypto Kit And Me

Thank You Again
Putting Your Trust In Crypto Kit And Me

And For Taking The Time To Read This Letter, I Greatly Appreciate It

But More So,
I’m Excited For You To Start Getting The Results You Deserve

Talk To You Soon,

Cindy Donovan

P.S. The primary characteristic of high income earners and successful business owners is that they have the ability to make quick decisions and act on an opportunity as soon as it presents itself. If that makes sense, you should upgrade today while this incredible offer is still available!

P.P.S. You Must Take Action Now – before it’s too LATE! If you leave this page and attempt to come back later, this One-Time-Offer will be gone forever! Your IP is registered and it is not possible to get access to this page again. I can only guarantee that it is still available right this very second. Don’t delay!

P.P.P.S. Remember, you have absolutely nothing at risk with my special “no questions” asked 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason what so ever, you’ll get back every penny of your purchase. It’s an amazing deal and it’s 100% risk free. There is no reason to wait, click the button to upgrade today!

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